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Jason Wietholter

CEO. Entrepreneur. Consultant. JD Candidate.

  • Experience 15+ Years
  • Expertise Litigation Technology Training & Consulting
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Jason’s litigation experience and expertise afford him unique insights into the problems and solutions facing litigators, their trial teams, and the vendors who support them.

My Work



The American Guild of Court Videographers helps to certify legal videographers according to the Federal Rules and industry best practices to capture and present testimony and evidence in litigation.

LitPro Academy


The LitPro Academy serves as an online training platform for litigation technology providers to increase their repertoire of skills and grow their businesses.

LitPro Forum


The LitPro Forum fosters community between legal videographers, trial technicians, and other members of the litigation field by providing a forum to exchange ideas and information about the industry.

My Experience


Realtime vs. Riverbed

Eastern District of Texas

Patent litigation involving data acceleration resulting in a plaintiff's verdict of $4.3M.


Oklahoma vs. Betty Shelby

Tulsa County

Manslaughter trial in which the officer was acquitted of manslaughter charges.


Wyatt vs. Owens

Western District of Virginia

A civil rights case involving the unlawful use of force resulting in a plaintiff's verdict including punitive damages.


Core Wireless vs. Apple

Northern District of California

Patent litigation involving cell phone data transmission resulting in a plaintiff's verdict of $7.3M.


Core Wireless vs. LG Electronics

Eastern District of Texas

Patent litigation involving cell phone user interfaces resulting in a plaintiff's verdict of $3.5M.


Hamm vs. Hamm

Oklahoma County

Divorce case involving an estimate $18B+ assets. 3 months of trial time.


SEC vs. Moshayedi

Southern District of California

Securities investigation involving a public offering where our client was acquitted.


TQP vs. Newegg

Eastern District of Texas

Patent litigation involving internet encryption resulting in a plaintiff's verdict of $2.3M.


Griffin vs. SunL Group


Wrongful death claim against our client who was found not guilty.


Bill Koch vs. Eric Greenberg

Southern District of New York

Wine fraud litigation resulting in a plaintiffs verdict of $250K actual damages, treble damages and $12M punitive damages.


USA vs. Stringer

Western District of Oklahoma

Criminal case involving 100+ counts including fraud and bribery resulting in acquittal of our client.


EEOC vs. Abercrombie & Fitch

Northern District of Oklahoma

Civil rights litigation involving religious freedoms. Plaintiffs verdict that was heard and upheld by the US Supreme Court.


Collier vs. IBC Bank

Western District of Oklahoma

Breach of contract and tax benefits litigation resulting in a plaintiff's verdict in the amount of $120M+.


Oklahoma vs. Tyson Foods

Northern District of Oklahoma

Environmental litigation involving chicken growing operations in Oklahoma and Arkansas with 4+ months of trial time.

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